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The Kindergarten School Curriculum

The Kindergarten School Curriculum 2017-2018

This year we will be covering various topics to broaden the children’s knowledge. The main subjects are: English, Math and Science.

English Language

Listening: this is reinforced by using audio visual aids (Songs, Story Time, and Educational Documentaries).

Speaking and Reading: we start with warm ups, followed by reading and word sets, then we conclude with conversations and dialogues.

Writing: we use audio visual warm ups. We encourage the children to sit in a correct posture and concentrate on the task given. We start with the Alphabet, and then introduce short words. Once this technique is embraced, we move on to short sentences.


We are covering Shapes and Numbers.

The shapes: the aim is for all the pupils to confidently identify all different shapes around them.

The numbers: we started counting to 10, we then plan to move up to 20, and by the end of the academic year our goal is to reach 100. We want our pupils to recognize all their numbers and be able to write them. Finally, we will cover Estimations, simple Addition and Subtraction at a later stage.

Science and Social Studies

Through our Social Studies and Science lessons teach our children the basics of life. Some of the topics are: the Seasons, the Weather, Personal Hygiene, Body Parts…By the end of the academic year, we want our pupil to be well prepared for their transition to first grade.

The Para-activities (GMAT)

For this year we chose a rich combination of activities to bring out the hidden talents of our pupils: Gardening, Music, Art, and Theater. All these activities aim to increase their confidence, improve their agility, enhance their concentration, and stimulate their creativity.

School discipline: We take discipline, respect, and good manners very seriously. We would appreciate your support to maintain these three pillars of good conduct.

With your help, we would like our children to respect themselves, the school environment, their teachers, and their classmates. Our scheme is simple:

Every child who completes the task given properly will be sent home with a “Well Done Badge” to recognize his or her efforts. This badge should be returned to school the following day so that other children could benefit from the reward scheme. As well as a reward chart, students who demonstrated excellent working skills will be recognized as “Star of the Week.” For this we ask to provide the school with a medium sized photograph of your child to be displayed on the classroom board.

Children who chose to misbehave and not complete their assignments will be sent home with a “Sad Face Badge.” This badge should also be returned the following day. In extreme situations, the child will be sent to the office and his or her parents will be notified.

Extra notes: Please refrain your children from bringing toys, make up, and candy to school. The school bares no responsibility for any lost, damaged items or valuables.

Healthy snacks are recommended!



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