It all starts from Year  2 all the way up to year 13 where English is the primary language of instruction in different subjects.

  • In Key Stages 1 and 2 (year 2 to 6), the subjects taught are English grammar, Spelling, Reading comprehension, Writing, Science, Mathematics, Social studies, literature, ICT, Music, Drama, Art, PHSE and Physical Education. By the end of year 2, it is expected that all pupils would have developed social skills which will be able to read and write and use simple mathematics at a level appropriate for their age. They will have gained improved understanding of our world through science. They will also have begun to develop their creative talents in art, music and Drama alongside their physical development through physical activities. Ongoing assessments ensures that each pupil’s progress and development are continuous and meet predetermined standards. The development of leadership qualities, communication and skills is put into practical application in key stage 2 providing each student the opportunity to share class and school responsibilities that nurture organizational skills and team-spirit. The Cambridge Primary 5 to 11 years is a set of tests in Mathematics, Science and English so students are assessed in their progress during their primary education. By the end of year 6, our aim is that all students will have gained a well-rounded education. They will have matured through understanding and character development . They will have developed articulate expression and confidence and will be well prepared for their lower secondary education.


  • In Key stage 3,  the subjects taught include English, Literature, Mathematics, History, Science, ICT, Global Perspectives, PHSE, French, Arabic/ Islamic Education and Physical Education. This is also a well-targeted preparation for next stage of Cambridge International Education, the Cambridge Secondary 1 for learners aged 11 to 14 is a set of tests for the first three years of secondary education in English, Mathematics and Science.


  • The next stage, Key stage 4 is Cambridge Secondary 2 or Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for 14 to 16 which is designed to encourage high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. This curriculum is taught over two years, year 10 and year 11. The assessments are provided by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Education. The subjects taught are English, Literature, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business studies, French and Arabic/Islamic Studies and Physical Education. In Year 11 exams cover English as a first language or as a second language, Mathematics, Biology, History and Arabic or French as foreign languages, chemistry, physics and Business studies. These tests provide an international benchmark of student achievement enabling teachers to advise learners and parents of different progression routes. This was developed to link with Cambridge Primary and provides standardized tests to allow careful monitoring of progression from Primary to lower secondary phases. It also provides excellent preparation for learners embarking on Cambridge Secondary 2. This is a progression to the Cambridge International Education/Cambridge Advanced stage for 16 to 19. This curriculum is a two-year course where learners receive Cambridge AS/A level qualifications. Some main subjects are offered which assist in preparing students for higher studies or a multitude of career opportunities. The Advanced subsidiary and the advanced level subject options available are English language, French Language, Physics, Mathematics/ Mechanics, Biology and Business Studies.


  • In year 12 and year 13, students choose the subject they wish to study according to their preferences and to the requirements of the university they would like to join later. This qualification leads to entries to universities and is recognized worldwide.


Our aim at KGS is to ensure that we are preparing our learners for their future education and careers beyond school. We work with all our students to enable them to be fully prepared with knowledge and skills that will enable them to progress successfully to the next stage in their education and lives and to make a valuable contribution to society. Khalil Gibran School always strives to provide students with a first-class education which will not only enable them to get the best possible grades throughout their exams, but will also instill in them the qualities needed in later life.



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