KGS prepares for the future

Today, Ms Melissa L. Gruys, Dean and Professor presented Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana to KGS high school students showing them the available programs and career options offered according to their interest and stream of academics.


Please be informed that registrations will start for new students on March, 1st 2019 for the academic year 2019-2020. They are already open for returning students. تعلن مدرسة خليل جبران افتتاح التسجيلات الجديدة للموسم الدراسي 2019-2020  يوم فاتح مارس 2019. أما إعادةالتسجيل فهي مفتوحة Khalil Gibran School a le plaisir de vous annoncer l’ouverture des…