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Our Cambridge International School in Rabat is unique. We are the only trilingual Cambridge International School in Morocco to offer the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) to 14 to 16-year-olds in Years 10 and 11 and Cambridge International AS/A Level (IAL) qualifications to 17-18-year-olds in Years 12 and 13.

IGCSE and IAL courses are designed, and accredited, by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a UK-based awarding body. As an IGCSE and IAL provider, our school implements high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning methods. Upon completing the IGCSE and IAL courses, students gain certifications in each subject they study, qualifying them for entry to the best universities across the globe.

A key aspect of our examination strategy is helping student identify the link between the Cambridge International courses they choose to study and their final university destination. We provide students and their parents with efficient and relevant information, advice, and guidance to help our prospective graduates secure their first-choice university placement.

What Are the Benefits of the IGCSE?

The IGCSE and IAL programmes benefit students seeking widely recognised qualifications that enable them to secure entry to universities worldwide. As English is the school's main language of instruction, all IGCSE and IAL subjects, not including language courses, are delivered in the English language. Students are well-supported in their learning and develop the ability to fluently speak, read and write in English. They are encouraged to communicate in several contexts, and at the end of their Cambridge International education, our graduates can use their language skills confidently in academic and professional settings.

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Why Study the IGCSE at our School in Morocco?

At our Cambridge International School in Rabat, we deliver a wide range of Cambridge IGCSE and IAL subjects to ensure students are well-prepared for the academic and professional careers of their dreams. As leading Cambridge IGCSE and IAL providers, our students benefit from exceptional pedagogical approaches that are continually refined and developed, leading to a 100% pass rate in regional examinations.

Our Cambridge International accredited-school guides 90% of our graduates towards their first-choice university. Students are supported by teachers who possess a wealth of experience, enabling them to reach, and exceed, their learning objectives. As Cambridge International students, our learners build their skills, access extracurricular opportunities, and receive the guidance they need to secure top results.

Students in our learning community experience an exceptional, nurturing and supportive environment. Learners of all backgrounds expand their knowledge and academic prospects and receive high-quality, trilingual tuition that is tailored to their interests. We welcome students living close to our Cambridge International school in Rabat, students in Morocco, and students who wish to join our IGCSE and A-Level programmes from overseas.

Cambridge IGCSE Subjects

At the IGCSE level, students in Years 10 and 11 may choose from the following examination-based subjects: English language (either First or Second Language), history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, business studies, French/Arabic or Travel and Tourism.

All students participate in Physical Education, which is a non-examination subject. In Years 10 and 11, all students take English and mathematics, which form the core IGCSE curriculum. In addition to these core subjects, students may also select optional IGCSE subjects according to their preferences and the entry requirements of their university of choice.

The optional IGCSE subjects list offers a range of courses. Typically, students study 8 IGCSE subjects throughout Years 10 and 11 before sitting final examinations at the end of Year 11.

A Levels

The Cambridge A-Level curriculum is a two-year course that leads to Cambridge AS/A-Level qualifications. The Khalil Gibran School offers the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and the Advanced Level (A-Level) in English language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Business studies.

At the beginning of Year 12, students choose the subjects they wish to study according to their academic preferences. They are also advised to consider the qualification requirements stipulated by their universities of choice. Typically, students undertake 3 or 4 AS Level subjects in Year 12 and continue studying 3 subjects in Year 13, the second year of the course. Final A-Level examinations take place at the end of Year 13.

Leading English Department in Morocco

Our English Department is the leading language centre in Morocco, offering tuition that culminates in the above-mentioned certificates. Our school has been selected by Cambridge International as the main assessment centre in Morocco since 1998. Only schools that fulfil the criteria, and meet the conditions stipulated by the Moroccan Ministry of Education and the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), are accredited to offer Cambridge courses.

Requirements to Study the Cambridge Curriculum

To enrol on the Cambridge International pathway, students in Years 6 and 7 must pass the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examination. Year 9 students must sit the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint, which assesses readiness for Year 10 - the first year of IGCSE study.

The school recommends that students who wish to join the Cambridge pathway do so no later than the end of Year 7. This will ensure adequate preparation for the IGCSE course in Years 8 and 9.


IGCSE Grading System

A* - G (passing grade) for IGCSE
A* - E (passing grade) for AS/A level


IGCSE Teachers

Our teachers are specialists and most hold a Ph.D. The IGCSE and A-Level programmes offer clear learning objectives and our teaching staff have extensive experience delivering the Cambridge IGCSE and IAL curriculums. They are well-equipped to consolidatate the skills gained during the Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary courses and give every individual the support they need to complete the pathway successfully. In Years 10 and 13, teaching staff advise students on progression routes following IGCSE and IAL education.


IGCSE Examinations

IGCSE and IAL examinations have been administered at our school since May 1998. We are a registered, affiliated centre for University of Cambridge examinations and have been a registered Cambridge International School since 2018. Our focus is to equip students with a first-class education that will enable them to get the best possible grades in their exams and empower them to obtain the qualities needed in later life.


IGCSE & GCE: Differences

The Cambridge International Pathway and the Moroccan Baccalaureate are exceptional academic options. At our school, we offer both education systems: students may choose either the Cambridge pathway, which presents extensive options for international study in the UK and abroad as a globally recognised curriculum, or the Moroccan Baccalaureate, which provides an excellent option for students who wish to remain in the country for their higher education and professional careers. The school also organises workshops and university guidance for secondary years students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about university and career opportunities in Morocco and abroad.

Cambridge IGCSE Student Testimonials

My name is Kamara, I am originally from Sierra Leone and am currently a Year 12 Student studying the Cambridge Pathway at KGS. Since coming to Morocco two years ago, I wanted a school that offers its students not only the best education, but also teaches necessary life skills and KGS did not disappoint. What I like about KGS is that my interest to learn never goes unsatisfied and questions never go unanswered. At this school, teachers encourage students to be independent with their studies but are always available to assist when the need arises. At KGS I've had the opportunity to learn from, and work cohesively with, both teachers and fellow students from many different backgrounds and countries and this has helped improve my confidence in my studies. By choosing the Cambridge programme, I am pursuing a qualification that not only teaches me a wide range of subjects and interests, but will also be valuable to me at all top international Universities.

— Kamara

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