Moroccan Programme in Rabat, Souissi

The Moroccan Programme is recognised worldwide as a high-quality curriculum pathway that enables our students to apply to the best Moroccan and international universities.

The accredited programme is delivered in English, Arabic and French, building on the trilingual skills our students have acquired during the previous stages of their education.

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Why Choose Our School to Study the Moroccan Programme?

Studying the Moroccan Programme in Rabat is an opportunity to receive a robust, engaging course in a diverse and cosmopolitan city in a school close to Rabat's iconic landmarks.

At our international school, we demonstrate over 35 years of experience delivering the Moroccan Programme option and offer an accredited pathway to excellent academic qualifications through an unrivalled personalised learning approach.

Our students are taught the Moroccan Programme from Year 2, ensuring uninterrupted national curriculum study for their entire education. At the end of Year 10, they may pursue the Moroccan High School programme for the remainder of school.


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The Moroccan Programme: Subjects

In Year 11, Moroccan Programme students are taught the following subjects: Arabic language, French language, Arabic social studies, Islamic education and philosophy. Two options are available at our international school in Year 12: the scientific or economic options.

Students opting for the scientific pathway will take mathematics, science, physics (in English), philosophy, and English language. Students who select the economic path will take accounting, general economics, economics & enterprise organisation, philosophy and English language. Both the science and economic pathways culminate in formal, final examinations.

Moroccan Programme Certification

Students are awarded a certificate of education at the end of the 6th, 9th and 13th grades. The Moroccan Ministry of Education accredits our curriculum, ensuring Moroccan Programme teaching standards remain high across all levels.


Moroccan Baccalaureate

Students are awarded the Moroccan Baccalaureate qualification at the end of Year 13 and may then use it to apply to university.



The Moroccan Programme Assessment schedule features regular weekly cycle testing. Students will also undertake mock exams to prepare them for the formal Ministry of Education examinations in Year 12 and Year 13.

Moroccan Programme: Family Testimonials

My name is Jad and I am currently a Year 12 student in the Moroccan system. I like the Khalil Gibran School because it offers many choices in studies, and focuses on the importance of English, French and Arabic. We have good sports facilities where I love to play soccer and basketball and we also have access to good technology in the classroom.

— Jad

I am a parent at KGS and I would like to thank the school for all the support they give to our children as well as for the welcome and attention every day, which is well reflected by the entire faculty and administration.

— Mr Houkaimi

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