High School Education in Morocco

At our High School in Morocco, students receive an exemplary secondary education that is unique in its offering. At this academic stage, 16 to 18-year-olds may choose between two exceptional study options. We offer both the Moroccan national baccalaureate as part of the Moroccan pathway and a variety of International AS and A Levels, as part of the Cambridge pathway.

Both High School systems are delivered by a team of professional, specialist educators who implement a combination of tailored, student-centred approaches and innovative learning strategies to assist individuals in securing the excellent results they deserve.

Why Choose Our High School in Morocco, Rabat?

Since 1986, we have delivered enriching tuition that enables all individuals to develop wide-ranging knowledge and core abilities in a secure and inspiring setting. As a result of our effective learning and teaching methods, our graduates attend some of the world's most prestigious Moroccan and British universities after attaining top results in their final High School examinations in both the Moroccan and Cambridge pathways.

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High School Curriculum

Our High School curriculum allows senior learners to explore engaging subjects, their capabilities, and the world around them. Depending on which educational pathway learners choose to study, the syllabus and subject options will differ; however, both academic curriculums encourage students to analyse, evaluate, research, present and explore the topics covered in class.

Both national and international High School programmes result in well-recognised qualifications. Both programmes are robust and seek to enable individuals to present their understanding of several subjects through weekly cycle testing and end-of-term formal assessments. At the end of Years 12 and 13, students must sit examinations and will be assessed on their ability to meet the learning objectives outlined in the course.

High School students on the Moroccan pathway sit 11th Grade regional examinations, which lead to the national baccalaureate diploma. Students who choose to follow the international path will sit UK-accredited examinations, leading to an international secondary education certificate. The national baccalaureate diploma is offered in both French and English.


Trilingual High School

At our High School, the language curriculum continues to cultivate trilingualism and establish fluency. English, Arabic and French are the primary languages taught across the school and lessons are delivered by native and international teachers.

All students are given the support they need to become confident speakers, writers and readers of three of the world's most widely used languages. After completing their secondary education, our graduates are well prepared to enjoy exciting careers, travel and study in Bahrain and overseas.


High School Teachers

Our High School teaching staff is dedicated to providing a stimulating and supportive environment for students of all backgrounds and abilities. Our teachers are supportive, knowledgeable, and have a wealth of experience delivering high-quality international secondary education.

In addition to receiving attentive tuition in the classroom, students access one-to-one academic support in personalised tutorials. We are an inclusive school and employ educators who foster mutual respect, discipline, essential skills, critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, and camaraderie amongst pupils in our diverse High School community.


High School Facilities

Our High School facilities present a gateway to immersive, independent learning for learners at this stage of secondary education. Facilities include comfortable classrooms, a swimming pool, a spacious library, music studios, art rooms, science labs and clean dining areas, which feature a range of innovative digital resources.

High School Activities

High school activities become more complex as our students mature, allowing them to refine their core competencies. The school's facilities invite individuals to explore their personal and academic interests, and off-campus excursions, trips, and workshops seek to enhance students' understanding of the curriculum.

Senior pupils may contribute towards local and international charitable causes. Additionally, those who wish to develop their talents and expand their skills may participate in various academic, sports and arts pursuits after school while socialising with their peers:

  • Field Trips
  • Team Sports
  • Athletics
  • Service Projects

Additional Services at Our High School

At this critical point in their academic careers, High School students must carefully determine where they wish their paths to lead them beyond school. Our university counselling service gives learners the support they require to make the best decisions for their futures.

Our counsellors work alongside parents to lead students towards their first-choice universities. Soon-to-be-graduates gain interview practice, internship advice and informed guidance regarding the university application processes outlined by the world's top institutions.

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Discover a unique opportunity to develop life-long skills, gain fluency in three languages and receive exceptional learning support at our international High School in Morocco.