Since its foundation in 1986, Khalil Gibran School has been on a steady growth path. In addition to being a trilingual school (Arabic, French and English), Khalil Gibran School is a pioneer in Morocco with its international, rich and diverse educational program where two systems exist side by side and complement each other (the Moroccan and the British System). Khalil Gibran school has been the first school to equip its classrooms with the latest technologies such as interactive mobile and set whiteboards, the E-blocks and a mobile scientific laboratory.

Khalil Gibran school is a school where each student is respected, valued and supervised. It is with boundless devotion that we help our students in their pursuit of their future. We are committed to prepare our students to live in a multilingual and multicultural world: Our students master English, Arabic as well as French.

The existence of this school is due to its students. The school is engaged to constantly reassess its students’ needs in the light of the social, economic and cultural changes. The school always works so as to promote excellence in all the domains. So as to make things better, our values and principles are: Respect, Honesty, Solidarity, Altruism and Integrity.

By allowing studying in small groups, we are able to secure an adapted education to the needs of each student. The layouts of our classrooms and activities used encourage dialogue, breakthroughs as well as better apprehension of cultures.

We would also like to improve the development of the social aptitudes of our students by implementing the values of respect, open-mindedness and engagement in all our activities.  At the end of their academic career with us, the students will have acquired all the necessary tools so as to interact in an unbounded world.  We would like also to create lasting memories and solid foundations which will guide them throughout their life.



Human and authentic!

It is in a family environment where teachers get to know their students by their first names and where they all long for the better running of the lesson and in good terms.

Dynamic and varied!

The teaching staff members are committed to the success of its students and are aware of delivering  lively and varied lessons adapted to the current requirements. Numerous educational fieldtrips take place in order to boost the learning provided.

Adapted and customized!

A dedicated and attentive team offers customized support so as to help those whom are encountering difficulties. The choice of options and profiles allows customized schooling in function of the student registered.


The 98.9% graduation success rate at KGS is a direct reflection of the quality of our teaching and the commitment of the students attending our school.

Focused on the necessary competences for the future!

We are committed to honing and developing many skills in our students. It is these skills that will be coveted by the employers, searching for: critical thinking, creativity, interdisciplinarity, the ability to adapt and to change, collaboration, autonomy and responsibility.


With the IT Portal “Madariss”, parents are always informed of the work to be achieved, the results reached and the communication remains transparent between the interveners. We all then contribute to the success of the student.



Our system of emulation allows to regularly reward students that contribute to the good ambiance at school.  A personal reward is offered three times a year.  Moreover, three other times within the year the students of the same class are offered rewards. This enthusiasm makes students set achievable goals.

To highlight the overall progress of the individual in his or her academic and discipline standards, certificates are given so as to emphasize other positive aspects of our students according to human values levels.



The infrastructure of the school allows students of the two cycles to have their own space. All this promotes the better running and allows each one to feel safe. A qualified support system, a reassuring ambiance, a feeling of safety are all aspects that promote the success of our students.

Measures are put against bullying in our school. Awareness workshops and immediate measures permit to have a pleasant environment for all.  Our  student’s code  of conduct is available on our website at (

Our code of life has as an objective to promote the feeling of security and well-being of our students. It is built so as to allow a great autonomy and responsibility to our students.



Accessible facilities, human, adapted and customized!

KGS is committed to the well-being of each student. To achieve this, the entire team (administrative and pedagogical) is dedicated to this mind set. It is important to note that an adult is always present at every single moment, in all areas of our school.  Be it personal, academic, professional or spiritual, all interveners act so as to improve the health and sense of safety of our students. The student is by far our number one priority.

On Site Services!

A cross-disciplinary team (Speech therapist, psychologist, psycho-motor therapist), library, canteen/cafeteria, school transportation, sports clothing, pedagogical software “Madariss” are among the many benefits of KGS.

Our partners!

The National Ministry of Education, Cambridge University, British Council and the Parent Association of KGS.  KGS has the honour of having outstanding partners which believe in  its mission and encourage its actions.



Our accreditation procedure continues with CIE and ISO 9001:2015. An international school like KGS has to be remarkable in educational and organization standards.  Thus, CIE and ISO pay regular visits to our school and analyze the process of intensive self-evaluation that we are undertaking. This self-evaluation is done under criteria related to a series of domains including the philosophy of the school, its objectives, its organization, its educational programme and standards, its extracurricular activities, its service level and safety, its professional and curriculum development, the school orientation and the assessment of the learning of the students.

After their visit, the accreditation team writes a detailed report including recommendations allowing KGS to improve What should be improved.

OFSTED (The office for Standards in Education) will join the two institutions in 2016 and 2017.



Since 1986


4 Avenue Bir Kacem, Souissi, Rabat, Morocco

212 (0) 537 75 96 59

212 (0) 537 75 29 48

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