Preschool Education in Rabat

Our private Kindergarten in Souissi, Rabat, welcomes pupils from a number of countries and nationalities. We are committed to fostering a learning atmosphere that encourages and respects equality, a sense of community, diversity and inclusion.

Young children enjoy a preschool curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, and a Kindergarten environment that is warm, caring and full of enriching materials. Our goal is to create a stimulating trilingual learning environment for our kids to thrive, while preparing them for a smooth transition throughout their learning journey in the early stages of school and beyond.

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Why Choose our Kindergarten in Souissi, Rabat?

Our Kindergarten in Souissi follows the highly-respected National Curriculum for England and Wales and is delivered in English. Young learners are encouraged to speak French and Arabic in their lessons, giving them the ideal foundation for trilingualism at the beginning of their exciting educational path.

In our nurturing, vibrant and creative setting, we care for children so that they can reach their milestones confidently, happily and with the socio-emotional skills they need to support their overall well-being. All children learn differently, and our attentive, experienced Kindergarten teachers demonstrate personalised strategies to meet each child's needs.

We believe that:

A Unique Child + Positive Relationships + Enabling Environments = Learning and Development

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Kindergarten Options

At our Kindergarten in Rabat, students learn by play and exploration. Our educational approach encourages children to actively learn through critical and creative thinking while they are immersed in indoor and outdoor activities. In addition to the full EYFS curriculum, which is taught in English, students benefit from accessible, convenient and flexible preschool and creche options. We offer:

Extended Hours
To support parents, Kindergarten pupils who have older siblings may access a timetable with extended hours. Extended timetables are inclusive of Kindergarten tuition fees and enable parents to collect siblings together without incurring any additional childcare costs.

Part-Time Options
To assist with the transition into our Preschool setting, we offer a part-time Kindergarten timetable to allow young students to gain familiarity with their new routine.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Kindergarten curriculum is aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework outlined by the UK Ministry of Education and covers the seven key areas for learning and development.

The UK EYFS curriculum aims to ignite curiosity, foster enthusiasm for learning and develop children's' capacity to learn. It also helps them form healthy relationships while thriving as confident, autonomous and curious individuals. Below are three key areas that are particularly crucial in supporting the development of children at this stage.

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Communication and Language Development

Children experience a rich linguistic environment, enabling them to develop their confidence while practising their communication skills during Arabic and French tuition. Both languages are introduced from the outset to prepare the students for our school's trilingual curriculum pathways.

At our multicultural Kindergarten school, children are encouraged to express themselves with others and learn how to speak and listen effectively in a variety of situations. Over the years, our excellent language tuition has led to parents regarding us as the best Kindergarten to learn English in Rabat.

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Physical Development

At this early stage, it is crucial for children to engage in physical play. Interactive, explorative play helps young children develop coordination and control as they develop fine and gross motor skills.

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Personal, Social & Emotional Development

We are committed to ensuring young learners develop a positive sense of who they are and establish positive relationships with one another. At our private Kindergarten, children are taught to respect others as they develop social skills. They also understand how to enact appropriate behaviour in groups and be confident in their flourishing abilities.

Every child who completes a given task given properly will be sent home with a “Well Done Badge” to recognise his or her efforts at the end of each week. We also hold a class Dojo for year 1, whereby each child has a Dojo Character named after them and collects points daily based on different criteria, such as good team work, hard work, being kind, being on task. The Class Dojo also allows teachers to remove points if the child displays an undesirable behavior.


To embed the above principles, our Kindergarten's educational approach centres on four specific areas:

Literacy Development
Helping students to identify the sounds of letters is fundamental to literacy. Our preschool programme offers a wide range of reading materials in English, French and Arabic to stir a passion for literacy.

Our educators work with young students to help them develop:

  • counting skills
  • foundational use of numbers
  • simple addition and subtraction skills
  • mathematical problem-solving, including doubling, halving and sharing
  • knowledge of shapes, spaces, and measures.

Understanding the World
We offer young students a variety of opportunities to understand their physical world and their community by encouraging them to explore, observe and learn about other people, places and the external environment.

We also organise events to promote and reinforce positive behaviour in school, such as: Tolerance day, Pink Shirt/Blue Shirt Day, not to mention our morning assemblies “Good Manners – Good Habits” time talk where children have the opportunity to learn about essential social skills using different approaches.

Expressive Arts
Enjoyable activities in art, music, movement, dance and role-play give students the chance to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Young learners are also encouraged to explore through play as they access a wide range of media and materials.

Kindergarten Subjects

At the Kindergarten level, children are taught the following subjects:

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Arts & Crafts.

Additional Kindergarten School Services

At our private Kindergarten, we offer a range of excellent services. In addition to exceptional preschool education, children receive a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Catering Services in the School Canteen
  • School transportation
  • Free extended childcare at our private creche in Rabat for children with older siblings
  • French & Arabic language tuition, in addition to the British EYFS curriculum.

Kindergarten Parent Testimonials

The teachers at KGS constitute a great team, attentive to our children with lots of great ideas to entertain them I love the constant welcome we receive every day, and the patience and care the school has for the students.

— Jana, Kindergarten parent

My daughter, Yakout, is now 4 years old and has been at KGS since she was two. The main reason we chose the school was the trilingual kindergarten, so our little girl can learn in English, French and Arabic. We also love the diverse nationalities at the school and our daughter has made friends with children from all over the world. After two years at KGS, little Yakout speaks English fluently and is even teaching us! The team at KGS is always smiling and cares so much about the student’s safety and happiness. I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking for a school with a focus on education and a family atmosphere.

— Firdaous, Kindergarten parent

My son Mehdi is nearly 5 and joined KGS just over a year ago. During this time, I have seen huge progress in his behaviour, self-confidence and he has learned so much! He joined with basic English but the teachers have supported him hugely and he has made great improvements. The school meets our expectations as parents but the most important thing is that my son loves it and is always excited to go to school in the morning!

— Kindergarten parent

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