Middle School Education in Rabat

Our private Middle School in Rabat is one of the best international Middle Schools in Souissi, offering a enriching blend of the Moroccan and UK national curriculums. At the end of their middle years education in Year 10, students decide whether to pursue their secondary education with the Moroccan curriculum, through which they will attain the Moroccan Baccalaureate, or the UK national curriculum, which leads to IGCSEs and A Levels.

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Why Choose Our Middle School in Rabat, Morocco?

Our Middle School in Rabat, Morocco, encourages students to demonstrate autonomy in their learning. We demonstrate exemplary teaching strategies and are proud to be one of best schools in Rabat to learn English, providing trilingual tuition in a British Middle School context. We offer two enriching curriculum pathways that present broad-ranging subject knowledge, life-long study skills, and the ability to enhance our students' future prospects in Morocco, the UK, the US and across the world.

Middle School Curriculum

In Key Stage 3, the Middle School curriculum enhances our students knowledge across a number of subjects. At present, Middle School subjects include: English, literature, mathematics, history, science, ICT, global perspectives, PHSE, French, Arabic/Islamic education, public speaking and physical education.

Overall, the Middle School curriclum aims to offer a rich syllabus that provides targeted preparation for the next stage of the British pathway. In Year 9, 14-year-olds complete their Middle Years education with end-of-year examinations to assess their understanding of the first three years of secondary education.

Middle School Teachers

Our Middle School teachers are committed to cultivating outstanding outcomes for every student. The teaching team comprises inspiring bilingual and multilingual professionals who deliver our national and international curriculums through personalised learning strategies.

Students reap the full benefits of smaller-than-average class sizes, ongoing teacher support and effective revision strategies. Collectively, Middle School staff work as a team alongside parents to ensure each learner gains the attention they need to fulfil their learning objectives and succeed.

Middle School Activities

Middle School activities are designed to enhance the learning outcomes for children at this stage. Students consolidate past skills by applying their knowledge to tasks and expanding their understanding in lessons that steadily increase in difficulty. Students are well-prepared for the rigours of future learning with homework for each subject, allocated library time and excellent support from staff. Teachers encourage students to gain independence during individual, class-based activities while promoting collaboration during project and group work.

The curriculum is complemented by engaging off-campus activities, which include excursions to cultural and historical sites in Rabat, on-site science experiments, specialist classes, and workshops that may take place at school or in museums, galleries, and other areas of interest nearby.


Languages in Middle Years

Our Middle School language provision is robust and includes English, French and Arabic tuition for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. In addition to Arabic and French lessons, the main language of instruction is English, enabling students to gain confidence and fluency when reading, writing, speaking and listening. The Middle School curriculum is delivered by bilingual and multilingual teachers, many of whom have gained teaching experience or education qualifications overseas.


Middle School Assessment

At the end of Year 7, students take the sixth-grade national certificate in Arabic language, Arabic maths, and French speaking, reading, writing and listening. Tests are categorised into topics and cover English, mathematics and science. At the end of Year 10 (9th Grade), students also take the 9th Grade national certificate in Arabic language, French language, Arabic maths, Arabic physics, Arabic science, Arabic social studies, and Islamic education.

Middle School Student Testimonial

My name is Ali and I am a Year 8 student at KGS, originally from Belgium. I am really proud to be a part of KGS; since joining the school, I have learnt so much about new subjects like PSHE, global perspectives and public speaking. I have also greatly improved my language abilities by studying at KGS. The teachers are great and we have lots of technology and equipment to learn with. The school is also full of cultural diversity with so many nationalities. I have made lots of friends and really enjoy learning about their cultures and traditions.

— Ali

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