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35-Year History of Academic Excellence

Our school in Rabat, has a proven track record of over 35 years of success in delivering a holistic education. Our dual curriculums prepare students for either the Moroccan programme or the UK-certified IGCSE and A Level courses. Both education systems have worldwide recognition, making it possible for our students to study at some of the best universities across the world.

Our History

Founded in 1986, the Khalil Gibran School has always been a pioneer in Morocco with its international, rich and diverse educational programme that affords our students the choice to pursue pathways in both the Moroccan and Cambridge curricula.

As a truly inclusive and diverse school with over 65 nationalities, we are committed to cultivating a harmonious international environment in which our students can flourish. Our students master English, Arabic and French through full immersion in a trilingual curriculum.

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Our Values

At KGS our values underpin everything we do:


  • Using polite language and a respectful tone of voice.
  • Taking care of our personal property, the school’s property and also the property of others.
  • Being considerate and courteous to other people.
  • Acting fairly with care and compassion.


  • Acting with integrity by being truthful.
  • Displaying a strong sense of fairness and respect for the dignity of others.
  • Taking responsibility for our actions and the consequences thereof.
school values honesty integrity


  • Relating positively to others.
  • Working cooperatively with others.


  • Showing compassion towards others and being considerate of their feelings.
  • Living in harmony with others and appreciating diversity.
  • Helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves.
  • Being sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.


  • Being honest in all interactions.
  • Being reliable, dependable and trustworthy.
  • Taking accountability for our actions.
  • Having the moral courage to do the right thing.

Our Mission

KGS strives to provide the highest possible standard of education, to achieve academic excellence for each pupil and to develop independent critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Our Vision

The Khalil Gibran school strives to nurture the creative talents of children and enable them to excel in the modern world. Our students are encouraged to think independently and challenge themselves in the pursuit of their passions. Every effort is made to respect, value and empower every individual, and it is with boundless devotion that we support our students in the pursuit of future success. We are committed to fully preparing our learners for a well-rounded life in a multilingual, multicultural world.

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